COVID-19 Didn’t Let Tommy Off The Hook After All

After getting the coronavirus in early September, I just had very mild symptoms for two days, then loss of taste and smell for about two weeks. I was feeling great, and finally getting back to my normal life, till my mom was panicking while reading and texting me news articles at three in the damn morning. She found that about 40% of college athletes who contract COVID end up with a heart condition called myocarditis, which is basically an inflammation of the heart. According to the American Heart Association, this can cause lasting problems, sudden cardiac death, and a whole lot more. So, being a big time runner, I had to go get checked out. After getting an ECG and bloodworm done. They thought I had myocarditis, so with that I had to go get even more testing done. After multiple ECG’s and an echocardiogram (witch is an ultrasound of the heart… super awkward) they cleared me. They found that my heart was just beating erratically due to my resting heart rate of 40. So, i’m all good… at least I hope.