Miley Cyrus Will Release Her Seventh Album In November

miley cyrus
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

By @emilyontheradio

It’s official, Miley’s putting out new music for 2020. You can listen to “Plastic Hearts” album on November 27 — Black Friday!

Everything points to this being a full on rock album — not something she’s done before in her first six. But if you listen to any of her albums, none of them sound the same. So consider it a bit of normalcy in a weird time.

PLUS check out her response to this Tweet – maybe she’s gonna wipe out this pandemic with some harder music.

Just kidding… that is NOT how science works.

I thought this was really cool too. Her album cover was shot by Mick Rock, a photographer famous for shooting rock legends.

Her recent covers are making a lot of sense…

She was priming us for this album and I’m ready.