Vacationing During COVID

Originally the plan for Libby and I was to go Hawaii for our honeymoon. With travel restrictions and a mandatory quarantine, it didn’t seem like a trip to Hawaii was going to happen for us this year.  

Plan B was a New England road trip. Libby planned a 10-day trip that was eventually derailed after she received a jury duty notice. It seemed like our honeymoon would have to be postponed to 2021.  

Plans changed once again when we found out that Libby was released from jury duty early. The honeymoon was back on and we decided to plan a week-long trip and leave the next morning.  

The question now was ‘What would be the most COVID friendly trip we could take?’. The New England road trip still seemed like a possibility except for the 14-day quarantine for traveling to their states, and that came with a $5000 fine if caught.  

What we decided on was a hiking trip to Michigan. It was beautiful! We went to wineries in Traverse City, hiking in the Upper Peninsula on Lake Superior, lots of fudge on Mackinac Island and many beers in Grand Rapids.