Have You Seen the Sky Broccoli In Our Woods?


Cole and I have been trying to get back into shape so we tried to explore a new part of the city and exercise at the same time. Town Run Trail Park is near 96th and Allisonville and we just hopped on having zero idea how long the actual trail was. It couldn’t be longer than 3 miles, right? FALSE. An hour and a half in we realized we were nowhere close to the parking lot and we had no idea how long we would be in the woods. Would we have to live there forever and go feral? Probably. It turns out it is 6.6 miles and we DID make it out alive. But in our haste to try to save our lives we did not get a picture of these strange vegetables we found. We started calling them sky broccoli. They were these green balls that looked like Ramen noodles on the outside and clearly were busting when they fell from the tree and exploding into what looked like shredded broccoli.

You can see what they look like HERE

This morning we decided to Google it and we found out exactly what they are: Osage Apples! Or Hedge Apples, Monkey Brains, bodark, and many other fun names. They aren’t edible but boy do they look cool!  It’s a member of the mulberry family and was planted in the Midwest from Texas and Oklahoma as a living fence because the trees can be made into hedge type things. There’s a ton more info HERE but just know if you see green broccoli falling from the sky in the woods you’re not crazy-it totally exists.