Rihanna Shows Off Heels That Look Like Toe Socks [LOOK]

toe socks and wine

By @emilyontheradio

I’ve never been a fan of Balenciagas, even after hearing the hype about them in plenty of current music. They’re gaudy and expensive. Now they have heels out that have actually spots for each of your toes to sit. THEY LOOK LIKE TOE SOCKS!

Are they comfortable? Maybe. It’s a pain to squish your toes into pointy heels to look cool. When it comes to these, I’ll probably never know myself because they run for about $1,000 for a pair!

Rihanna was seen rocking them. They look okay from far away, but I’m just not sold.

Just a blog for me to roast something that does not affect me at all. Carry on! 🙂