Did Jeff Lowe Vandalize the “Tiger King” Zoo?

Earlier this year, Carole Baskin won control of Joe Exotic’s Oklahoma zoo as payment for a lawsuit she won against him years ago.

Joe’s currently serving time for allegedly trying to have Carole murdered so the zoo has been under the control of another champion human, Jeff Lowe.

Well, Carole finally visited her new property last week, and it was a mess. There were piles of trash and rotting meat all over the place, and some interesting graffiti. One message on the side of a building suggested that Carole received backdoor relations from President Trump, and another said, “If Carole killed her husband clap your hands.”

Carole’s people think Jeff did it, but he told TMZ, “You think of all people, she would know about being accused of something without evidence.”

There is not enough popcorn in the world for these people.