Sara Kays is the 16th Guest of the ‘Two Faces For Radio’ Podcast!

I am super excited to announce that Sara Kays is joining us on our podcast! It’ll be officially released tonight at midnight and I know you’ll love it! Sara is a local, Indianapolis artist who actually went to high school with Tommy and I for a few years. Now, she lives in Nashville and is pursing her music career! You might recognize her new single, ‘Remember That Night’ from Tik Tok! It’s gotten very popular on that platform and is being used as a relationship theme sound for videos. Our interview with Sara went amazingly and we were able to talk to her all about where she came from (Performing at Kroger when she had less than 3k fans and was just starting), her life with her producer in Nashville and what she has planned next! Sara has come a long way and has over one million followers on some platforms! Be ready tonight because you’ll love the new episode!

UPDATED: Check it out HERE