Tommy’s Ridiculous Shoe Collection

During quarantine I have developed quite the shoe problem and I’ll show you some of my favorites!

Off White Jordan 1 & Off White Vulcanized Low: The white shoes were my first nice pair of shoes, and actually are super creased on one foot from when I got engaged so that makes them insanely special. Then the blue ones that look like they survived the dinosaur era were the first shoes I really fell in love with, but could never get since they are limited edition. Thats why the deserve the cheep plastic case from amazon.

Balenciaga Triple S: Next are everyone’s least favorite pair that I own. but I love them because they are so different. these things literally weigh four pounds each so I only wear these when I want to work my legs.

Nike Auto Adapt Max: These are probably my coolest shoes that I own. these are also bulky like the last ones, but its because they have tons of technology in them. I literally have to update these shoes every month. They have the Nike auto lace technology that tightens to the shape of your foot when you put them on and you can ask Siri to loosen them if you need to.

Medicom x Nike SB Dunk: These were actually an early Christmas gift from my fiancée. These are super crazy… They might look normal at first glance, but the whole upper of the shoe is artificial fur.

Jordan 1 Smoke Grey & Jordan 1 Bio Hack: Obviously have to have some Jordan 1’s!!

Yeezy 350 Isrifil: This was a birthday gift from the fiancée and by far the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my feet!

John Geiger GF-01: Lastly, have you ever liked something before it was cool and everyone liked it? That’s these.. These are a first edition from a designer I really liked that has since done very well and these have never been worn nor will they ever, just a nice display piece!!!