Most Of Us Are Experiencing Emotional Exhaustion

This year has ravaged us with stress and life changes and you might be reaching the point where you are so overwhelmed. Reaching the point where you feel like you don’t have the capacity to deal anymore. Well, you’re not alone! Psychologists call it emotional exhaustion. It can lead to depression if not addressed which is not anything you want to add to your overly crowded plate. If you’re not sure then USA Today’s article lists some symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Frustration
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Loss of motivation
  • Lack of focus
  • General ‘brain fog’
  • Feeling disconnected from other people
  • A sense you’re not effective or competent (even if you’ve been over-performing at home or at work)
  • Actual problems with performance, including making more mistakes than usual

But there are ways to work through this so you can find ways to replenish your ability to deal. Setting boundaries have become endlessly important these days. If you don’t want to have that political conversation or take on that extra load at work say no. Don’t try to be a superhero for everyone in your life. You are human, you make mistakes, you don’t have to save the day every day. Also take the time to refill yourself emotionally. Whatever that might be- reading a book in silence, leaving the kids for a few hours with their grandparents to get a break, a nap, a dumb show- whatever.


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