Jackson’s Favorite Super Bowl Prop Bets to Make

There are a lot of funny bets that you can make during this year’s Super Bowl. A lot are pretty standard like a heads or tails call for the coin toss, over or under 2m for the national anthem, and the color of the victory gatorade. There are a lot more bets you can make as well though and I’m also going to let you in on the bets that I’m making this year (however, this is 150% not advice on what to bet because I am not a reliable source whatsoever).

My favorite bets that I am not betting on that are just funny are:

Which coach’s NOSTRILS will be seen first during the game?  Clearly, this is mask-related . . . and definitely not something that anyone would’ve considered in previous years.

How many times will Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots be mentioned?

Will Brady attempt to HIGH-FIVE an official?

Will the Weeknd have a wardrobe change in the middle of the halftime show?

Finally, I’m making some bets on these:

Coin Toss: TAILS

Tom Brady to have more passing yards than Patrick Mahomes

HAMMERING the OVER for the National Anthem

Gronkowski to score 2+ Touchdowns

Sammy Watkins to get a Touchdown