You’re A Good Friend Because… Jealousy?


We like to think we are a great friend because we care so much about the people we spend time with. We are good listeners, we spend time together, and put in the effort because of our big heart and love for them. BUT… science says “not so much”.  It turns out that there is a decent chance we are really good to our friends simply because of the raging jealousy inside our souls.  According to a new study out of Oklahoma State University, the main thing that drives us to be a good friend to someone is . . . jealousy that they might like their other friends more than us if we don’t step it up. The researchers found we’re even more jealous of a person’s other friends than their new significant other, quote, “Which means what makes us most jealous is the possibility that we might be replaced.”


Cole… I am your friend because I don’t want you to like anyone else. Handle it.