Are These Celebrities Cool or Uncool?

For reasons unknown, Buzzfeed.com put up a poll asking if 35 completely random celebrities were cool or not cool. There was no middle ground, it was an either/or thing.

Here are 10 celebs who were voted COOL:

Betty White, 93% cool

Tom Hanks, 91% cool

Adele, 90% cool

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 89% cool

Ryan Reynolds, 89% cool

Lady Gaga, 88% cool

Jennifer Aniston, 85% cool

Billie Eilish, 80% cool

Oprah, 75% cool

Angelina Jolie, 63% cool.

And here are 10 from the UNCOOL side:

Kid Rock, 91% uncool

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, 89% uncool

Ellen DeGeneres, 87% uncool

Dr. Phil, 87% uncool

Mel Gibson, 82% uncool

James Franco, 72% uncool

David Schwimmer, 69% uncool

Justin Timberlake, 64% uncool

Adam Levine, 64% uncool

The Pope, 55% uncool.


I just really like that the pope is considered a celebrity.