Saweetie Thinks Friendship Smells Like Strawberry Cupcakes

Saweetie did a recent interview with The Cut where she talks about what smells/scents she associates with what feelings and we might have just found out the inspiration behind her new hit song, “Best Friend” with Doja Cat! See for yourself where she says…

Happiness smells like: Waking up to my grandma’s breakfast. My grandma’s a preacher, so she’d make scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes

Heartbreak or loss smells like: Salty tears.

Love smells like: Food. Soul food

Friendship smells like: Strawberry cupcakes. (MAYBE HERE IS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND BEST FRIEND)

Regret smells like: Smoke, because I want all the smoke. Just kidding …

Success smells like: Coffee. I think we need things to get us up and going in the morning and coffee is something I really love.

The worst smell is: A fart.  I’ve lived with all boys, and they play too much.

You can check out the whole article HERE