Lil Nas X’s Montero

Lil Nas X caused quite a bit of commotion with his recent song, “Montero” with his marketing scheme, especially on twitter. The rapper paired up with a custom shoe company to create his own version of “Devil” shoes with drops of human blood in the soles. His music video was also widely argued about for whether it was appropriate for people to see in general or it if was offensive to Christian culture.

However, after all of this, no one can deny his marketing scheme didn’t work. His song has reached number one for multiple weeks on charts and he just finished performing on SNL where he ripped his pants while pole dancing. Lil Nas X’s flame-emblazoned black leather pants couldn’t handle the heat, and he went on to explain on Monday’s (May 24) episode of The Tonight Show how he felt “a breeze going on” while he was attempting the “sexy drop down.” Check out the hilarious video HERE