Every Quiet Snack You’ll Need to Watch “A Quiet Place Part II”

I never saw A Quiet Place because I am a wimp, but apparently the snack struggle was real. So with A Quiet Place Part II hitting theaters this weekend, Mashable put together a list of snacks you can eat without annoying your fellow moviegoers.

Here are some of the best ones:

1.  Marshmallows.

2.  Gummy bears . . . gummy worms . . . gummy anything.

3.  An IV of popcorn butter . . . Popcorn is a major NO, but butter isn’t!

4.  Listerine strip . . . Perfect if you’re craving mint, because gum is also a NO.

5.  Twinkies, muffins or other soft cakes . . . Don’t forget:  UNWRAPPED.

6.  Spaghetti noodles . . . You must drop them directly into your mouth, NO slurping or forks.

7.  Cheese . . . String cheese or Babybel, ideally.

8.  Cool Whip . . . Do we need to explain why whipped cream in a can is a bad idea?

9.  Yogurt or pudding . . . Time to whip out a Go-Gurt with no shame.

10.  Milkshake . . . Make sure it’s thick enough for a spoon or a straw.

Happy snacking!