Broadway, Money & Morocco

1.  It’s possible to win the U.S. presidential election with just 22% of the popular vote.  To have enough electoral votes to win, you’d have to win the 39 smallest states and Washington D.C.

2.  Of all the circulating U.S. currency in the world, about 80% is in $100 bills.

3.  America’s oldest ally is . . . Morocco.  It became the first nation to recognize the U.S. in December of 1777.  And we’ve had an unbroken treaty with them ever since.

4.  The difference between a play in New York’s theater district being Broadway, Off-Broadway, or Off-Off-Broadway is the size of the theater.  Over 500 seats is Broadway . . . 100 to 499 seats is “Off-Broadway” . . . and 99 seats or less is “Off-Off-Broadway.”

5.  Days Inn didn’t get its name because you’re supposed to stay for days or anything like that . . . it’s named after its founder, Cecil B. Day.