Jackson’s List of Perfectly Legal Things That Just Feel or Should be Illegal

While I was driving down the road yesterday, minding my own business, the song I was listened to started playing police sirens in the background and gave me a mini heart attack. This perfectly legal situation prompted me to create this incredible thought provoking list of things that should be illegal or feel incredibly illegal… but just aren’t.

  1. To start it off, songs with police sirens in them
  2.   To piggy back off that, people driving vehicles that look like police cars but aren’t
  3. Throwing trash into trash cans when the trash cans are FILLED with snow
  4.  To piggy back off numero uno, tv shows with smoke detector alarms in them
  5.  Subscriptions that are impossible to figure out how to cancel
  6.  Professors that make textbooks THEY WROTE, like $100
  7.  Pop Up ads

What would you add to this list! Let me know!