A Lost Dog, a Lost Ring, and 400 Pairs of Lost Shoes

1.  A woman in Pennsylvania went on an animal shelter website looking for a dog to adopt . . . and ended up finding HER OWN dog that went missing two years ago.  He’s a pit bill-Rottweiler mix named Kovu, and he went NUTS as soon as he saw her.

2.  A 75-year-old woman in Kansas recently lost her wedding ring while having dinner at a Red Robin in Wichita.  So a busboy and assistant manager dug through five bags of garbage until they found it.

3.  Honda unveiled a new device to help visually impaired people get around easier while walking.  They’re little sensors that pair with an app and clip on to each shoe.  Then they track your pre-planned route and vibrate when it’s time to turn left or right.

4.  A shoe store in Canada just closed down after 85 years, but the owners might have found a big payday on their way out.

They were cleaning the place up this month, and found a hidden door to a room they didn’t know about . . . with 400 pairs of vintage shoes from the 1960s.  All of them are in mint condition, so there might be a lot of money in those shoeboxes.