Jonas Brothers vs Hemsworth Brothers. . .In A Steel Cage

The next celebrity fight on pay-per-view is going to be a massacre . . . the JONAS BROTHERS against the HEMSWORTHS.

jonas brothers
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz)

Okay obviously that’s never happening, but the Jonas boys did jokingly challenge the Hemsworths on the “Tonight Show” the other night.

JOE said, “We’re gonna take note from all the YouTubers that are having these boxing matches and we’re gonna have a big UFC match. It’s gonna be us versus the Hemsworth brothers. The Hemsworths haven’t emailed us back yet, but it’s gonna be big.”

Jimmy suggested maybe there are some other Hemsworth brothers we don’t know about that might be a little more their speed, but that’s not what I’m willing to pay to watch.