Billie Eilish Broke Two Guinness World Records

It’s not official until it’s Guinness Books of World Records official, and Billie Eilish is now official.

billie eilish
(Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)

While I wish her records were for something like spinning a basketball on a toothbrush for the longest duration (1 minute 8.15 seconds), they’re music related.

Billie now holds the record for being the female artist with the most consecutive Grammy nominations for Record of the Year, as well as the youngest person to win the film awards “triple crown” (that’s the Oscars, Grammys, and Golden Globes).

Billie’s not the only artist breaking records: Dolly Parton, Tony Bennett, Rihanna, and BeyoncĂ© are also record holders. Oh, and BeyoncĂ©’s also in the Guinness Book’s Hall of Fame. We will never be on her level.

— Jenn