Tik Tok Toni – Farmers, Guys Who Love IPAs, and Mom Bods!

TIK TOK 1 – Farmer Fantasies
So there are some videos going around about chicks who love farmers. I didn’t know this was a thing but its Tik Tok so there’s something for everyone and since this is Indiana, I thought maybe a few farmers would enjoy this. (needs a Fuck edited)
There is quite a movement when it comes to IPAs and guys who like IPAs. So this video is 2 IPA-loving guys talking about their favorite IPAs.
TIK TOK 3 – Every Peloton Owner Ever
This guy is a comedian (John Crist) who does a ton of really funny tik toks and this is his best imitation of every peloton owner, ever. (needs last few seconds edited out)
TIK TOK 4 – Mom Bods
This guy is a big fan of Mom Bods and he tells us why.