What The New Pacers Deal Means For Indy

(Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels)

Today Indianapolis and the Pacers agreed to a $$$ deal to keep the team here for the next 25 years! The Marion County Capital Improvement Board (CIB) came to a unanimous vote about the matter this morning. CIB is a key player because it owns all the city’s sports complexes. The deal rose from $295 million to $360 million earlier, but that number continues to grow as the Indiana General Assembly gains funding for the improvements to be made.

This deal means a handful of things for Downtown Indy:

  • The fieldhouse plans would include removing the top 8 rows of the upper seats in an effort to improve the overall experience for spectators.
  • An expanded entry pavilion would allow more room to host more community events.
  • The city is drawing up plans for a year-round outdoor plaza, so downtown is gonna be an even hotter hangout. This comes with other social gathering areas and upgraded views in the fieldhouse.
  • We may get an OUTDOOR SKATING RINK! The city envisions one that rivals the famous ice rink at Rockefeller Center in NYC.
  • Changes to the fieldhouse may mean that it is out of commission for the big events we love like games, concerts, rodeos, etc. while it undergoes upgrades. According to Fox59, “construction will not interfere with the 2021 NBA.”
  • Construction usually means traffic… and that’s never fun.