New Study Confirms That Ball Pits Are Extremely Disgusting

ball pit
(Photo from Pixabay)

Sure, ball pits are fun…but are they worth the possible illnesses you/your kids can get from them? A recent study confirms what we already know—ball pits are super gross.

The University of Georgia looked at multiple physical therapy ball pits. They pulled out random balls, and every single one was covered in bacteria according to AJC.

What kind of bacteria you might be asking? The ones that cause pink eye, meningitis, pneumonia, sepsis and more. Yummy.

Even though it’s gross and your kid might end up with a disease, the study lead says they’ll probably be fine. “We definitely showed that there are things on the balls that can potentially hurt a child who is immune-compromised. If kids are healthy, let them go and play. It may help build their immune system.”

So, play at your own risk.