Maren Morris Will Be In The June Edition Of Playboy [PHOTO]

(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Target)

Rumors started swirling this week that Maren Morris was going to appear in Playboy. And the rumors are true! The country singer teased the collaboration with a recent post on Instagram.

There was a lot of support for the announcement, but of course some people had less than positive things to say. See below:

“You will definitely lose a lot of respect for this; I hope you realize that. Is this really the type of name you want for yourself?”

“Nope. Don’t like em. We all know you are a gorgeous lady. No need to expose yourself to the world.”

Maren shot back with a story saying she stands by her decision and will be framing the photos. She also said the spread is very PG-13 and it’s important to note that the June 18 edition is their “Gender + Sexuality” issue.

My favorite thing about all of this is the response from Lisa Frank. Yes THE Lisa Frank. Unicorn binders and rainbow pencils Lisa Frank.