Coachella 2019 Had Some Major Technical Difficulties

festival crowd
(Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels)

This past weekend was the legendary 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

However, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the technical difficulties that Ariana Grande and surprise guest, Nicki Minaj, experienced during her set. Videos show points where Nicki’s rapping during “Bang Bang” is not in sync with the music. But don’t be quick to dismiss Nicki Minaj’s performance because it appears that it was not her fault but rather the person in charge of audio behind the scenes. You can see Ariana trying to help out by spitting some of Nicki lines along with her, but it’s pretty clear they were not going to win that fight. Watch the video below to see that even Ari hollers “We can’t hear anything!”

In addition to Ariana Grande’s set taking a hit, Lizzo’s performance suffered a complete halt in audio… But in the video below you can see that there was no raining on her Coachella parade.

According to Variety, Lizzo said “It’s my first time playing Coachella, so ain’t nothing gonna f— my time up, bitch!” The audience and all kinds of people on social applauded her efforts and resilience.

So the artists aren’t to blame here, but this begs the question… Why not use live bands next time?