Burger King On Motorcycles? In The Middle Of Traffic? Yes.

Burger King sign
(Photo from Pixabay)

The fast food chain that wants you to “have it your way” wants you to have it in your car in the middle of traffic. At least in Mexico City traffic; they say it’s the worst traffic in the world.

The company’s newest business venture, “The Traffic Jam Whopper,” features delivery people on motorcycles with Whoppers in tow. Drivers stuck in traffic will be able to use a mobile app to order Burger King. According to The Car Connection,

“Drivers must be within 1.8 miles of a Burger King to unlock the service, and the app’s algorithm must calculate the driver intending to order will be in traffic for at least 30 minutes to ensure the motorcycle delivery will reach their destination.”

Before going all in, BK did a one-month trial of this service and they’re deliveries increased 63%! Maybe if it works out long enough in Mexico, the service will come to busy cities in the US, too?