You’re Stuck At Home Anyway, Take The Census

Groups of people as data statistics inside pieces of a pie chart

Maybe your job is making you work from home. Maybe you’re under self-quarantine. Or maybe you’re just socially awkward and jumped at the first opportunity to not have to deal with people. However you got there, you’re gonna be stuck at home for a good chunk of time, so you may as well use the time wisely and take the 2020 US Census.

Now, you might be wondering why it’s important to take the Census. Well long story short, every ten years the US government takes a count of how many people are living in each community, so they know how to fairly distribute federal funds that are used for community programs and services like schools, hospitals, public works… and roads. That’s my pitch today folks, take the census and fix these d*** potholes. I’m sick of buying new tires every week and you should be too.

The importance of the Census is especially evident now, as it also helps inform local governments’ public health and emergency preparedness plans. Community health issues like the one we’re experiencing now with COVID-19 can only be handled properly if our local officials have accurate Census info to work from. And don’t forget the potholes.

The Census is also used to determine how many seats in the US House of Representatives your state is given. Whether or not you follow politics, this is a HUGE deal. Businesses use the Census when deciding where to build new offices, factories and stores, which means more jobs (and shopping options!) for your community. There so many important reasons why you need to take the Census. Including saving the good, innocent people of Indianapolis from the scourge of car-eating potholes.

HOW TO TAKE THE 2020 CENSUS (and fix the potholes):

Be on the lookout for your invitation to take the Census, and visit the US Census Bureau website for more information on how the Census affects you and your community! #PotholeFree2020