1,000 Children Ranked the Ten Best Things About Being a Kid

A recent survey had 1,000 kids under the age of 11 name the best things about being a kid.  Here are the top 10 answers.  And yes, Christmas made the list . . . twice.

1.  Christmas presents.

2.  Having parents to love and take care of you.

3.  The excitement during the lead-up to Christmas.

4.  Summer vacation, and all the other holidays you have off.

5.  Birthdays.

6.  You get to be outside a lot.

7.  Having a lot of friends.

8.  Building forts, and make believe in general.

9.  Jumping in puddles.

10.  Quote, “Everything is fun.”

They forgot “Eating anything you want with no judgement.” That’s what I miss. 🙂

-Toni from The Smiley Morning Show