Zelda Shirt Gets Compliments!

Here I am in my quarantined studio at Red Curb.  This is my Zelda shirt, and it totally gets more compliments than anything else I wear.  Maybe you’re like me and have no fashion sense, hate thinking about dressing yourself, despise shopping for clothes, still wear weird pants from high school, and look like a dumpy pile of pale pudding wrapped in a tarp you got for free at a radio promotion.  Remember WZPL’s, “Come out to cell phone store, get FREE WEARABLE TARP promotion!” last year?  That’s where 90% of my wardrobe came from.  The other 10% is a suit my mom bought me to go to my grandma’s funeral.  So if you’re otherwise a tarp person with just one funeral suit and never normally get compliments on what you wear like ME, just get a friggin’ Zelda t-shirt.  I promise you it’ll be eerie how many people will come up to you and love it, and I’m just a casual Zelda fan at best.  Now, get those compliments you deserve on the outside for the person you are on the inside:  a vintage video game lover impostor.

~ Producer Will
Smiley Morning Show