Easy Kid Activity: Nature Journal

Anyone else’s kid spending so much time watching Polly Pocket and Sofia the First lately they’re now convinced these are not only real people in the world but their very best friends? Just mine? #momoftheyear

A few days ago I needed to get Boogs off the Polly Pocket, and in an attempt to make that happen without his favorite activity of a tantrum, I asked if he wanted to make a nature journal. Because he’s four and easily impressed, he thought that sounded like a great idea and then immediately asked me what it was.

I forget where I saw it, but the concept of the nature journal is super easy: you go for a walk, collect nature things along the way, and then attach them to a piece of paper when you get home. In our case, Boogs collected things like sticks, leaves, and actual trash which we then taped to a piece of paper.

Honestly the hardest part of a nature journal is figuring out when to throw it in the trash, but even that’s fairly straightforward – when they’re asleep.

— Jenn