Lazy Origami For Idiots






They say the ancient Asian art of origami (paper folding) can be a therapeutic medium through which one can not only express themselves, but also relieve stress.  Indeed, I’ve found this to be true.  Especially in these unprecedented times.  This is a peanut M&M crane.  I created this piece by opening a bag of peanut M&Ms and eating them.  I could already tell I was feeling less stressed.  I thought, “Origami is really working.”  It literally took me no time to then throw the paper wrapper down onto the table and create this crane.  It’s like this art was simply working through me.  I know we could all use something new to occupy our minds and release some tensions.  Start with a bag of peanut M&Ms and the Origami will come.

If you actually read this, tweet me @willpfaffy – say, “That’s not origami, you idiot!”