What The Duck?






My wife, Adrienne, and I ordered some new N95 masks from Amazon.  Well, we thought they were N95s.  They’re Asian N95s called KN95s.  We got the bag of them, and there is no brand or company name on them, and all they say across the front is “Not For Medical Use.”  So, yeah, we’re pretty sure they work.  But, not only that, they make you look like a fuggin’ duck.  Look how ducky that mask it.  I only wore this once, and it wasn’t to protect myself or others from Covid-19.  It was because I wanted to spoon Adrienne in bed one night, and she didn’t want to feel me breathing on her.  My kids now call me the “Mother Ducker.”  Just kidding.  They better not or they’d be in time out for a year.  Where would they have even learned that kind of language?!  Kids these days.  Sheesh.