Lunch Breaks Aren’t Actually for Lunch

I haven’t used my lunch break to eat lunch in actual years and I’m finding great solace in knowing I’m not alone.

A survey found only 1 in 5 people actually eat lunch on their lunch break; the rest of us have things to do. What things? So glad you asked.

1.  Walk somewhere or exercise.
2.  Check social media.
3.  Take care of general life tasks.  Like planning dinner or paying bills.
4.  Read a book.
5.  Catch up on the news.
6.  Listen to music.
7.  Play a game on your phone.
8.  Make lunch, but then eat it while you get back to work.
9.  Catch up with family and friends.
10.  Online shopping.

Honestly the real takeaway here is we can now refer to boring ass things like planning dinner and paying bills as “general life tasks” which makes it sound way more interesting than it actually is.