We’re Happier with Our Friends Than Our Family

Show me someone who hasn’t thought this at least 47 times in their life, and I’ll show you a liar.

A new study out of Southern Methodist University in Texas found people are happier when they’re spending time with their friends than when they’re spending time with their families. And yes, that includes their partner and their children (the study found that we’re actually the least happy when we’re spending time with our husband or wife so holla for marriage).

But there’s a pretty big catch: The researchers say the main thing that makes us happy is WHAT we’re doing when we’re spending time with different people. So the majority of time we spend with our friends involves doing something fun, and while we do fun stuff with our families, we’re also with them when we’re doing not fun things like cleaning up yet another mess we didn’t make, and that’s why we’d pick our friends over our families.

You think this holds true with crazy rich people who don’t even know what a chore is? If they want to look into that part of it, I’m willing to volunteer as tribute. That’s a lifestyle I’ve always been interested in.