Miley’s Dog Licked What Now?

The words “licking” and “incident” in the same sentence will always pique my interest.

miley cyrus
(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Miley Cyrus did an interview last week where she was asked to name the most embarrassing thing one of her dogs ever did. Her answer: “[It] has to do with 2012 Halloween, my dog licking something, it was just a thing . . . Dude, I had to send, like, a vinyl record player to this human that got . . . my dog did something very wrong. I had to send an apology gift.”

And she left it at that like that’s a story you don’t have to fill in the blanks for. You can watch the interview video here (fair warning it starts out talking about how one of her dogs is perfectly fine after being electrocuted on the set of The Voice), but I promise there are no answers to any of our questions.