Jackson Went To Indy Scream Park…

Jackson went to Indy Scream Park tonight with a few of his friends from college after getting peer pressured for what seemed like eternity. He showed up to the park horrified of everything that was to come. Jackson does not do well with horror… at all. I talked to him recently about his experience and I’m going to have to reword a lot of what he said. I didn’t know Jackson had this big of a potty mouth. He mentioned how the chainsaw weilding *people* were the *adjective* worst *adjective* *people* to walk planet earth. Apparently he doesn’t like chainsaws.

He did saw he went through all of the different houses and said the coolest one was the pitch black dark one. He said it was impossible to see anything and he thinks he accidentally grabbed his friend Tyler’s butt. Tyler thought it was a monster and screamed. Good memories.

Afterword, Jackson couldn’t take a normal picture obviously and what you see above is the weird pose Jackson came up with. Ugh. We can’t take him anywhere.

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