Scooter Braun Sold Taylor Swift’s Catalog for $300 Million

The saga continues.

taylor swift
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

A year and a half ago, Scotter Braun became Public Enemy Number One by purchasing the Big Machine Label Group which included Taylor Swift’s first six albums. He paid about $300 million for it, and now he’s turned around and sold the Taylor Swift music, by itself, in a deal supposedly worth more than $300 million.

So how does Taylor feel about this? Not great. She says she’s been trying to buy back her masters for the past year, but Braun made silly demands that she couldn’t meet.

The company that bought Taylor’s music is called Shamrock Holdings. They reached out to Taylor after the sale hoping to work with her, but under the terms of the sale, Braun still profits off those masters for several more years so that’s a hard pass on her end.  Instead, she’s continuing with her original plan of re-recording her earlier music so she can regain control of it. She says the process has been “both exciting and creatively fulfilling.” So at least that’s something.