Sexiest Man Alive: The Readers Poll Results

Michael B. Jordan may be the overlord of sexiness this year, but the readers of “People” magazine got to choose some of his underlings in various categories.

Here are the results of their poll:

Guy Who Has Been So Sexy So Long, They Should Retire His Sexy Jersey Number:  Brad Pitt

Sexiest Royal:  Prince Harry

Sexiest Brothers:  Chris, Liam, and Luke Hemsworth

Sexiest Small-Screen Star:  Jensen Ackles from “Supernatural”

Sexiest Sports Guy:  Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Sexiest Social Media Content in Quarantine:  Shawn Mendes

Sexiest International Man:  Jungkook from the K-pop group BTS

Sexiest Happily Settled Guy:  Ryan Reynolds

Sexiest Newly-Single Guy:  Armie Hammer

Sexiest New Dad:  Joe Jonas

Sexiest Chart-Topper:  Harry Styles

Sexiest Guy Who Entertained Us in Lockdown:  John Krasinski

Sexiest Reality Show Judge:  Nick Jonas from “The Voice”

Sexiest Man in a Mask:  Australian actor Jacob Elordi

Sexiest “Zaddy”:  John Stamos

Sexiest Netflix Heartthrob:  Noah Centineo from “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

Sexiest Guy Who Had a Big 2020:  Lawrence K. Jackson, host of the online series “People (The TV Show!)”

Sexiest Glow-Up:  Cole Sprouse

Sexiest YouTube Star:  David Dobrik

Sexiest Guy on TikTok:  Chris Olsen