Julia Michaels is Joining the ‘Two Faces for Radio’ Podcast for Episode 17!

Julia Michaels is joining the ‘Two Faces for Radio’ Podcast hosts, myself and Tommy for episode 17! I am so excited about this episode and after editing it all, I can confidently say it’s one of my favorite! We talk to Julia about her life in Los Angeles and all the EARTHQUAKES that come with that! She actually bought an earthquake survival kit and it’s super fun to talk about. She mentions her relationship with new boyfriend JP Saxe and how something he said was the inspiration for her new single, “Lie Like This.” Her song with JP Saxe, “If The World Was Ending” has been nominated for a Grammy and Julia Michaels seemed extremely humble when we mentioned it. CELEBRATE JULIA! THAT’S AMAZING!

Julia has her debut album coming out SUPER soon and according to her she’s about 80% of the way done and gave us a guess on when we should expect the masterpiece.

The entire episode is just crazy and hilarious and I can’t wait for you all to hear it when it comes out at midnight TONIGHT!