James Corden’s Digital Team ‘Made A Shawn Mendes Error’

James Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images; Shawn Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Last week The Late Late Show uploaded a clip from their show titled “Celebrity Instagram: Kylie Jenner, Shawn Mendes.” Just like every other Mendes fan, I clicked the link to see what it was all about and man was I confused!

James was playing a game called “Celebrity Instagram” where his team uncovered what was cropped out of celebrities’ Instagram posts. He included a photo of David Beckham and his daughter wearing reindeer masks taken from actual reindeers and Kylie Jenner pictured in what looked like a swimming pool but was actually a large toilet. I watched the entire video and didn’t see a single thing about Shawn Mendes. Others noticed too leaving comments like “Where is Shawn? Y’all know that’s the only reason I clicked,” “Goodnews: I saw ‘Shawn Mendes’ on the title. Badnews: I got clickbaited,” and “wait where tf is shawn??”

The error was brought to James’ attention and he decided to not only find the culprit of this mistake but to show Shawn’s uncropped Instagram photo and gift viewers with a whole minute of Mendes content. Oh, and the original video’s title has now been corrected. Take a peek below!

Shawn tweeted the video saying “LOL I was laughing so hard at the photo.”

Samantha Ripperger