Kendall Jenner Launches New Tequila Brand And People Aren’t Impressed With Its Name

kendall jenner
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret)

By @emilyontheradio

Kendall Jenner can check off yet another box… she makes tequila now. Or… she at least she tastes it until it’s what she wants it to be and then she sells it to us. According to WWD, this is her first solo business venture at the young age of 25.

No word yet on when the booze will become available yet, but we know that there are 3 kinds: reposado, blanco, and añejo. It’s called 818, like the area code in California.

Something cool about this is that she entered the tequila into tasting contests anonymously and WON. So even though it hasn’t hit the market yet, it is starting out with some awards.

Right off the bat, people are divided on what to think of her new endeavors in the spirits industry. I went to Twitter to find out just how polarized it was on 818. The haters have decided they don’t want to drink it and that it’s cultural appropriation of something Kendall can’t relate to herself:

Kendall’s got some fans and supporter though who are excited about it: