Sushi Used To Be Cheap Fast Food


We see going out for sushi as a very posh and cool-kid but its origins are slightly less fancy. It turns out in Japan way back when it was seen as more of a finger food you’d get from a food stall or cart and eat on the go. A very old school version of fast food. Now it’s gotten much more bougie so why not learn some fun facts so when you go out for sushi you can dazzle your friends with knowledge!


-A sushi chef can only work in a Japanese restaurant after ten years of training.

-Sushi is traditionally eaten with the fingers, although many people use chopsticks.

-Women were not permitted to be sushi chefs, as it was supposed that their warmer hands would taint the taste and quality of the fish.

-Wasabi is added to sushi to soften any fishy odors and draw out the flavor of fish.

-The mixing of wasabi and soy sauce has become common in the west, but in Japan, it is rarely seen.


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