Ed Sheeran Might Be Hinting at a New Album Later This Year!

Ed Sheeran has been pretty MIA recently enjoying some downtime with his wife and new daughter, Lyra Antartica Seaborn Sheeran (what a cute mouthful) but that might all be about to change!

On his birthday a few days ago (If you see this Ed, Happy late Birthday!) he posted:

“30 today. Thank you for all your wonderful messages, I feel very loved. Currently dressed the same as I was on my 3rd birthday about to chow down on Colin the pirate caterpillar, poor bloke.”


“I’ll be back online with the 4th installment in the series later this year, until then.”

So I don’t know about you but that seems pretty clear as day to me and I cannot wait. Especially if this new “installment” has a song written for or about Lyra. That right there just might make a grown man cry!

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