Billie Eilish’s Documentary Takes You On A Roller Coaster Of Emotions, But Leaves You Feeling Happy

(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for RADIO.COM)

This is just the beginning for Billie. Yes she’s won 6 Grammys, made an incredible album, and has the coolest wardrobe ever, but the pop star wanted to show what her beginning career looked like and what went on behind the scenes that not a lot of people know.

Billie Eilish’s Apple TV+ documentary released just two days ago and it’s already getting so much buzz. The film starts out showing Billie at 13 releasing her song “Ocean Eyes” and then jumps 3 years later to 2018 showing the making of her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go.

She and Finneas start off by writing and recording bits of the album, then receive a deadline for said album, and Billie freaks out because she wants it to be perfect and doesn’t feel like the timeline they’re on is feasible. Finneas even says “I’ve been told to write a hit, but I’ve been told to not tell Billie that we have to write a hit. Billie hates writing songs in general and you know it is so woke about her own persona on the internet that I think she’s terrified of anything she makes being hated.”

Billie keeps no secrets in sharing how much she hates writing songs! Girl I feel ya. I know essays don’t really compare to a 2-3 minute song, but I feel like they could take just as long to write and the process is torturous.

Not only did she show life while making the album, she shows parts of her life that aren’t always talked about: how lonely she is, feeling like she can’t mess up, and her Tourettes.

“People are always like you know It’s so dark, have happy music. I’m like I’m never feeling happy so why would I write about things I don’t know about. I feel the dark things, I feel them very strongly. Why would I not talk about them?”

But the documentary also captures some of the best moments of her life so far: meeting Justin Bieber and winning so many Grammys! All in all this doc deserves a 12 out of 10 and if you haven’t seen it yet, GO!

Samantha Ripperger