The Best April Fools Pranks… You’re Welcome

HEY-O Jackson Here! Who doesn’t like a good ole, harmless, April Fool’s Prank! Tomorrow is April first and if you don’t have any ideas yet, I’ve compiled my favorite that I’ve heard about or experienced.

  • Last year, my friends locked me in my room using tying a long rope that went through our entire house and was secured on another one of my roommate’s doors, preventing both of us from opening our doors. Naturally, I climbed out my second story window. 3/10 – I was late for class
  • Last year, my best friend’s called me and said they were having a pregnancy scare. Naturally, since I was their best friend, I was excited to be an honorary uncle and a little disappointed when they said they were kidding. 7/10 – not going to lie, they got me good.
  • Type “mentioned you in their story” into a DM to your prey on instagram. It’ll make it look like you mentioned them in your story and they might get excited or confused for a second. 8/10 – simple, harmless, easy
  • If you’re in college and have an early class, email your teachers and tell them that your friends turned off all of your alarms as an April fools prank and if you can be excused. Works almost every time. 9/10

Finally, here’s my all time favorite prank to give you some inspiration and get those creative juices flowing