Julia Michaels’ New Single and Music Video

Julia Michaels, one of the most talented singer/song writers has released a brand new single called “All Your Exes.” I’m starting to think she might have a jealously problem 🙂

The music video just premiered yesterday and it is quite disturbing… unless of course you think eating dinner with a bunch of dead ex-girlfriends is normal. On the other hand though, the music video is directed beautifully and completely matches the vibe from the song (Which I just can’t stop singing).

In a recent interview with Flood Magazine, Julia discusses her intentions behind the song as just dark humor. “In the past I’ve definitely been a bitter lemon when it came to love, but all of that has changed. Now that I’m in a healthy relationship I’ve redirected that angst from my ex to my current partner’s exes. I hope fans will appreciate the dark humor of the song. I wrote it with JP [Saxe], and it’s about being so obnoxiously in love that it’s actually painful to think about that person having been with anyone else—like, how is that even possible that you were with someone else before me?”

Watch the full music video HERE