Good News!

1. Someone’s been leaving uplifting notes in random spots around Toronto that say things like, “It’s okay to make mistakes,” and “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are doing okay.”

2. Someone realized their kid left her favorite stuffed animal somewhere inside Will Rogers airport in Oklahoma City. So staff members tracked it down to get it back to her. But first, they posted a bunch of pictures of the stuffed dragon going on adventures all over the airport.

3. With all the recent attacks on Asian-Americans, a woman in New York offered up $2,000 on Venmo to anyone who felt threatened and needed a cab ride home that they couldn’t afford. Then people online started donating to her cause. And in two days, she raised over $100,000.

4. A seven-year-old girl in Arkansas recently wrote to Old Navy to complain about their girls’ jeans not having real front pockets. So Old Navy got back to her . . . thanked her for telling them how to improve their product . . . and sent her four pairs of jeans and shorts with real pockets in them.