Five Random Facts From The Smiley Morning Show

1. If you pay $3 for a coffee, that’s a 2,900% price markup on what it would cost you to make it at home . . . 10 cents.
2. The moon isn’t shaped like a sphere . . . it’s shaped more like a lemon.
3. According to J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter was born in 1980. That means the “Harry Potter” books were set in the early and mid ’90s.
4. The person who invented the stethoscope was a guy named Rene Laennec . . . and he came up with it because he didn’t feel comfortable putting his ear directly on women’s chests.
5. The only state capital that’s one syllable is Pierre, South Dakota. It’s technically pronounced “pier,” like the walkway on a beach, not like some French guy.