Kidneys, Math and Heroes

1.  A 56-year-old woman in Florida named Debby Neal-Strickland recently married a guy named Jim Merthe.  And two days after their wedding . . . she donated a kidney to Jim’s EX-wife.

2.  An 11-year-old girl with autism who failed math in second grade is now a math world record holder.  Her name is Sanaa Hiremath, and she can multiply any two numbers in her head.  Google came up with two random, six-digit numbers.  To get the record, she had to multiply them in under 10 minutes . . . and she did it in less than two.

3.  A grandmother in New Jersey broke her hip two days before she was supposed to fly to Minnesota for her granddaughter’s graduation.  So instead, the granddaughter flew to New Jersey . . . and showed up to her hospital room in her cap and gown.

4.  A boater in Florida jumped into a river to save his four-year-old daughter last Friday.  Then they got stuck by the current and couldn’t get out.  So her seven-year-old brother swam against the current . . . on-and-off for an HOUR . . . until he made it to shore.  Then he ran to a house to get help, and all three of them are okay.