Does Skipping Breakfast Matter In Weight Loss?

Waking up as early as I do I know exactly why some people don’t want to eat breakfast. Sometimes you’re so tired your stomach hurts, you’re running late, you’re too busy to get together food that early. It all makes sense to me. Many dieticians say if you want to control over eating breakfast is a really smart way to do that. If you imagine eating dinner at 7pm and then not eating until noon the next day- that’s 17 hours without food. By the time lunch hits you’re going to feel insane and want to eat EVERYTHING which makes controlling the amount of calories you’re eating much more difficult.  But according to PsychologyToday.com there were a lot of studies done by the Mayo Clinic that indicate there really isn’t THAT much of a difference in the weight of breakfast eaters vs. the skippers.  The only notable thing they found was the quality of the breakfast food if you choose to eat it. Obviously some fruit, whole grains, or lean protein would make a difference over donuts or many fists full of bacon.  So you can stop feeling the guilt of the “most important meal of the day” because it doesn’t seem like it’s that deep!